This document provides a simple summary of helpful information that Portsmouth Offshore Group Club members should know. How it operates, information on its sites and facilities and one or two “do’s and don’ts”. It does not replace, or take precedence over official Club documentation such as the constitution or standing orders.

If in doubt, please contact the relevant committee member, eg the Moorings Team.

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The Club is run by an elected management committee which meets 4 times a year. Individual committee members have responsibility for key functions. 

The Club is run entirely by its members and has no permanent staff. Members are expected to volunteer to help when asked, for example by joining work parties and taking on regular jobs.

Club flags, burgees and almanacs are available for members to order


 The Club has an informative website - It is important that you keep your contact details current via the “my account” area of the website, especially ensuring your email address and phone numbers are up to date.   

Each month the Club publishes a newsletter online. The newsletter regularly contains key information that members need to be aware of, so it is important that you read the newsletter.

Urgent information is sent by an “All Ships” email to every member.

There is also a closed Club Facebook account that is not monitored by the Club but used for social chat between members.


 Below is general detail covering the moorings the Club operates and controls. All berths remain the property of the Club and are allocated to members on an annual basis. The annual mooring allocation runs 1st April to end of March. All boats must display a valid QHM Portsmouth sticker on the port quarter. Booking of amenity berths, temporary berths and the drying grid is done via the online bookings calendar available on the Club website. If you and your boat are away for more than 21 nights you must make your berth available for sublet through the moorings team. For overnight or periods of less than 21 days away, berth holders are encouraged to make their mooring available for other members to use via the bookings calendar on the website or by text message. If you take advantage of a released mooring you must be contactable by the mooring holder at all times and be able to vacate your mooring at 2 hours’ notice should the mooring holder need to return early.

 The Club has mooring/facilities in 4 locations:-

Weevil Lane.

Weevil Lane is the main Club site and has a Clubhouse, Workshop, Storage, Car parking, Pontoon Moorings, Amenity berths, Outboard Store, Dinghy Racks, Slipway and Drying grid. The slipway is also used during the main Club lift and launch activities. The moorings, the yard and the drying grid have both electrical supply and mains water. The clubhouse, the yard and the pontoons are served by a number of WIFI access. POG has two bicycles which may be borrowed. All vehicles parked in the yard must display a car park pass bearing your name, boat name and mobile phone number.

There is currently no set provision for charging electric vehicles.

You may sleep aboard your boat when afloat or when stored ashore for short periods but you may not use it as your permanent residence. Your POG key will open the doors to the outer workshop, the 4 gates, and the main Clubhouse.

Tea, coffee and snacks are on sale in the downstairs galley, this is an informal arrangement run by a volunteer. There is an honesty box for payment. Smoking/vaping is not permitted in the Clubhouse, on the balcony or underneath it. There is a first aid box, eye wash and an automated defibrillator in the lobby, together with an accident book.

Members may hire the Clubhouse for non-commercial events by contacting the Clubhouse Manager. POG does not have a licence for use of radio or TV in the Clubhouse. It does have a licence for DVDs.

Workshop. The work benches, vice and pedestal drill are there for the use of members at their own risk. The sink may be used for mucky jobs, but please clean up afterwards. Tools are available for loan from the inner store. A pressure washer stored in the workshop, is available for use by members in return for a small contribution to cover maintenance. There is also an oil extractor. Money for their use should be placed in the honesty box provided.

Yard. Any equipment stored in the yard must be marked with POG number, boat name or owner’s name. The Club has a number of cradles for hire. If you leave your own cradle in the yard you must seek permission and it must be suitable and available to other members when not required by yourself.

Drying Grid -The area to the west of the slipway may be booked for use over one tide unless special permission has been given for longer. Water hoses are available on the pontoons for wash down purposes.

Work Boats. POG has three workboats 

Burrow Island

Burrow Island are swinging moorings accessed from the main Weevil Lane site by dinghy, to the North of Burrow Island. There are maximum length limits (up to 9m) and the depth is variable – with some moorings drying at LW springs. The Club provide the sinker and chain to the buoy up to, and including a swivel, on the top of the buoy. Members provide the attachment from the swivel to the boat.


The moorings at Haslar are alongside berths on mid-stream pontoons. All moorings offer greater than 2m depth at all tide states. Associate membership of Hornet is necessary to provide land access to car parking and tender storage/launch area. Members mooring at Haslar have access to Hornet shower and toilet facilities. Dinghy storage is provided but there is no outboard storage. 


The moorings at Wicor are alongside berths on mid-stream pontoons. All moorings offer greater than 2m depth at all tide states. Wicor moorings, are accessed by land via Vector Aerospace. There are special rules imposed by Vector Aerospace International Limited (VAIL) for members mooring at Wicor which must be strictly observed. There is dinghy and outboard storage available. A small room is available for making simple refreshments. There is a unisex toilet block.