Portsmouth Offshore Group Membership Application

Please provide the following information. Unless specified (optional) all fields must be completed.

The club is run by members for members and as such all members are required to assist in at least 2 work parties each year.
The clubs moorings are allocated on the basis of seniority of membership number and suitability of their boat for the available mooring.
Our Club Rules can be seen here.
I agree to abide by the Club Rules, known within POG as Standing Orders.
Telephone No:
Only enter the phone numbers that apply. Home Phone number must NOT start with 07 but Mobile Phone MUST start with 07.
Either a Home phone number or a mobile number MUST be included. The works number is optional and will only be used for contact when all other attempts to contact you have failed.
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The email address should be your personal email address not your works email address.
Please remember that most organisations prohibit the use of your works email address for personal use in your terms of employment.
(optional) If you are likely to bring a car(s) into the club you must enter the registration number(s) here

All member of POG are required to be Qualifying or Linked Members of CSSC and members of CSSA. If you are not a CSSC member, you will need to apply for membership as well as joining CSSA and POG. Once you have your CSSC Membership number please enter it below.

If Known
If any of the above data is not considered valid, then an error message will be displayed at the top of the screen and the data will not be submitted. If this happens please correct the data and re-submit the form. Once the data is valid, then you will see the confirmation screen and receive an email confirming your submission.